LabVIEW Utilization

Use of the Mobile Studio I/O Board with National Instrument's LabVIEW programming environment

We have released a number of LabVIEW modules for use with the RED2 board. Both development and compiled versions are now available for others to incorporate their applications. We have also added the following tutorial materials to help guide users through the process of adapting the LabVIEW VIs for use in their programs:

The Mobile Studio LabVIEW materials are available via the following link:

Labview Materials Download Site

(please scroll to the bottom of the page)

Instrument releases:

  • Analog Input Acquisition, Monitoring, and Processing

  • Analog Input Data Logging

  • Analog Output Control (Function Generator/AWG)

  • Bode Plot Analyzer

  • Digital I/O Monitoring & Control

  • Manual Analog Output Control (using the D/A-AWGs)

  • PWM Generation and Control