Windows 10 Installation

Beginning with Windows 8, the standard installation procedure ceased working. The following instructions, which also work for Windows 10, were developed at RPI.

Installing Rensselaer Mobile Studio Desktop Software on Windows 8 & 10.

The problem is the unsigned driver. You need to allow installation of unsigned drivers on your Windows 8 or 10 computer. It will then work normally.First download the Mobile Studio Desktop and install it. Then follow these instructions.

  • While on the Start Screen, open Computer Settings which is located on the Charms Menu.

  • Change PC Settings

  • General

  • Restart now under Advanced startup

  • Troubleshoot

  • Advanced Options

  • Startup Settings

  • Restart

  • Disable driver signature enforcement, the computer will reboot

  • Log on

  • Go to desktop by pressing WinKey + D

  • Open Windows Explorer by pressing WinKey + E

  • Right click on computer and choose Manage

  • Click on Device Manager

  • Right Click on the Mobile Studio Driver which should have the yellow ! symbol on it, and choose update driver

  • Browse to the Drivers folder under C:\ Program Files (x86)\Rensselaer\Mobile Studio Desktop\Drivers

  • Click OK

  • You should get a warning message that the driver is unsigned

  • Click on Install anyway

  • Re launch Mobile Studio

  • Connect the Mobile Studio board and you should now be able to see the board

  • If not click on Refresh Device List at the bottom of the window