"Learning Without Limits"

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The Mobile Studio Project is developing technology-based pedagogy and inexpensive hardware/software which, when connected to a PC (via USB), provides functionality similar to that of laboratory equipment (scope, function generator, power supplies, DMM, etc.) typically associated with an instrumented studio classroom. The project's Mobile Studio IOBoard™ (shown) is a small, inexpensive hardware platform for use in a home, classroom or remote environment. When coupled with the Mobile Studio Desktop™ software, the system duplicates a large amount of the hardware often used to teach Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics and K-12 technology-related courses; in addition to a myriad of industrial and commercial utilizations.

The project's vision is to develop and deploy affordable technology and learning materials to enhance Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) education; while expanding studio pedagogy to environments that are no longer limited by equipment access or cost issues. The project's goal is to enable "tinkering" and "hands-on" exploration of STEM principles, devices, and systems - fostering learning at anyplace, anytime.

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